Computer security cameras are the latest way of providing security to your home, properties or business. Computer security cameras are very affordable. For people with limited budget, computer security camera is a good option to consider.

Technically, computer security cameras send the images captured to a DVR hard drive with a recorder. The output experienced with computer security cameras varies depending on the type of camera it is. One of the major challenges being faced with computer security camera is disk space been occupied. Hard disk space in computer security cameras is filled up quickly as the cameras generate a lot of files. A computer security camera fills up the hard disk space very fast because it generates a lot of files. However, computer security camera provides easy navigation compared to traditional videotape system.

If you are looking to purchase reasonable computer security camera, then you should settle for a webcam. Webcams are cheap and easy to use. They are used for general monitoring of a place. But the disadvantage is that it requires proper lighting condition. In low light conditions, a webcam can become ineffective and produce a low-quality image. But don’t expect a camera which was sold for less than $100 to perform greatly.

Installing webcam is very easy. Anyone with general knowledge of computers can install a webcam. Installation of webcam requires connection of the device through a USB port, configuration, and installation of the software. It takes just a few minutes to install a webcam. The advantage of a webcam is that if you are not at home, the images can be scanned later on when you return. Webcam also comes with an email alert service feature which can be activated to incorporate images. This service feature helps forward images to the police if required.

The other kind of computer security camera is IP security camera system. IP security cameras produce better quality image and range than a webcam and it the type being used in various government establishments and big companies. Installation of IP security cameras is also very easy. The price differs based on the level of coverage and quality of the image. IP cameras can be accessed from any location through the internet. These cameras can be connected to the network and you can access them from a web browser. Security surveillance system companies like Hikvision manufactures high-quality IP security cameras and are much more affordable. IP security cameras have proven to be faster, more reliable, and more durable than surveillance systems using DVRs and analog cameras.

Video surveillance technology is geometrically expanding and now is the best time to get caught in the wind of IP-based security systems.