For those searching for a reliable hosting choice that provided the merits of dedicating hosting, a bare metal is most probably the best choice you can go for. In recent years, baremetal servers have become standard servers for many individuals. There has been an increase in the number of people using this server even though they have been around for ten years. This bare metal server’s potential functions are several, thus making this server the best option for business organizations.

What is a bare metal server?

What is this server anyway? These servers essentially refer to the primary computer hard disk with no software or operating system but just the physical hardware server itself. Unlike most traditional servers, a bare metal server is more or less a blank slate. The merit of this kind of setup is that this server is fully customizable in manners that the traditional servers, such as the dedicated servers, which had a built-in software and operating system, are not. Thus, many individuals are capable of getting exactly what they require out of their servers and never have to pay for any extra features that they are not currently using.

Top Uses for Bare Metal Servers

Now that you have comprehended what the bare metal servers are and what it constitutes, you might be probably contemplating what types of application is best suited for by this hosting server solution. While there are seemingly a variety of potential uses, this article will narrow down some of the few relevant and most useful users for you.

Below is a list of some of the most useful and relevant uses of the bare metal servers that you should be aware of

1) e-Commerce Websites

Several e-commerce businesses choose to go for the baremetal servers whenever there are several fluctuations throughout their business year on their business website usage. This is common, especially to seasonal businesses. This bare metal server ensures that these e-commerce business websites can function correctly even during the high traffic at the peak of the business year. However, in the offseason, the business owner will not necessarily have to pay for the same resources hence saving money in the end.

2) Hollywood Rendering Farms

Several Hollywood film studios have started using the baremetal servers to render their computer to generate graphics, believe it. These servers make a lot of sense in this scenario since this kind of computer rendering needs a significant amount of resources through the resources that will be required for a short period. Therefore, this rendering organization can save money by only paying for hosting when they need it.

3) Gaming Companies

The development and creation of video games that people play today need a significant resource, especially CPU-intensive games. Bare metal servers are capable of offering the required performance needed to perfect the game-play while also providing the gaming companies the customization that they so require to meet most of their unique specifications.