A few years ago, we’d a Canadian company subsidiary of the US Helicopter manufacturer unintentionally sell military technology towards the Chinese government. China had said excitedly that they are managing a condition-owned company which would build commercial helicopters to move people. Sure, that made sense at that time, however the Chinese simply wanted the jet turbine technology for military helicopter uses, and also the Canadian company stated these were fooled. Were they?

Well, that remains scene, and the organization denied intentionally transferring condition-of-the-art jet engine technologies towards the Chinese for military usage. Now then, if you don’t take sides for the reason that analysis or later fine and prosecution – Let me explain the Chinese use various ways to get information

1. Corporate Espionage

2. Computer Hacking Strategies

3. Industrial Relations Handles Companies

4. Worldwide Trade Handles Other Governments

There is a fascinating article I brought out of my files a few days ago, in ways I’ve got a little research library for my writing on the majority of topics. The content made an appearance in Air Combat Magazine within the May/June issue of 1989 “Chinese Chinooks – China People’s Liberation Army Orders Six Worldwide Chinooks,” there would be a picture attached which demonstrated a Boeing CH-47D being off loaded from the C-5 Universe. Boeing even stuck around to coach the PLA pilots.

These helicopters had night vision pilot technologies, modular hydraulics, recently designed fiberglass reinforced cutting blades, coupled with a 54,000 lb. maximum gross weight. These helicopters had two 4500 turbo Textron Lycoming motors that could be employed in -65 levels to 125 degree weather. Essentially capable of getting to Tibet and Back or fly within the mountain tops into India, Pakistan, or Afghanistan as needed. In the event that is not incredible technology for that Chinese in 1989, I’m not sure what can be.

Things I am saying is that this, China might have become that technology anyway, with no that does not allow it to be okay they pulled a quick one, or found a business prepared to look another way, that’s also unacceptable behavior, what it teaches you is when intent china have been in getting the very best of all things in every industry including all of the technology the united states can establish within our industrial military complex. When they don’t have diabetes already, they’ll. Which is the truth, something I think you’ll will surprise consider and think on. Nobody is innocent with regards to illegal military technology transfers.

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