Searching for the right internet plan and package to fit a monthly budget can be a very tricky thing. Sometimes it may not be as great as we expected it to be, and sometimes not worth the money. Getting out of contracts can also get expensive with hundreds of dollars in termination fees.

Here is something we narrowed down for Ohio’s residents. If you have been looking for a reasonable internet package, then these would be great because they offer more than just internet services. With a good broadband internet connection, TV entertainment pairs just right along with that. And these aren’t any ordinary cable TV services, they are digital TV with several modern features that would open up a whole other world of entertainment for you to explore. Say goodbye to the same boring 50 channels.

WOW! Medium TV + Internet 200

WOW! brings its customers affordable, quality digital TV and high-speed internet. The WOW! Medium TV + Internet 200 is an all-inclusive package that would be perfect for the average household.

Here is what it includes:

  • Around 130 channels all in HD quality.
  • A WOW! cable TV connection with a diverse channel lineup – including the local and the most popular national networks.
  • An On Demand library with thousands of content available online. The On Demand library can be accessed on any device like smartphones and tablets.
  • WOW! Internet powered by a fiber-cable with speeds as fast as 200 Mbps along with unlimited data.
  • No mandatory contracts to sign!

Retails at $114.99 per month.

Spectrum Double Play Silver

Spectrum TV Silver paired with the reliable, high-speed Internet is one of the most popular packages subscribed to by Spectrum customers. They are affordable, and ideal for home entertainment. Out of the Spectrum Silver packages, we picked out the best one yet, Spectrum Double Play Silver.

The package includes:

  • Over 175 channels in HD – including some of the most popular national channels such as HBO Max, Nick Jr, Showtime, and NFL.
  • Features support on the Spectrum TV App, allowing customers to watch anything on TV while they are on the go.
  • Spectrum Internet subscription with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps.
  • Along with internet subscription in the Double Play Silver package, customers get a free modem and an anti-virus software to protect their home network.

Retails at $119.98 per month.

Surely there are other Internet providers with their own range of packages and plans, but frankly we felt the two mentioned above were like a perfect fit for any average US household.

Spectrum is lauded as the First Choice of America and rightly so. Its Spectrum Silver packages are the ones most sought after by customers, given the price point for starters, and the features that come with it. Spectrum also sets the bar high for its competitors, when it can get you out of your current contract if you subscribe to the Spectrum Silver Double Play package. It will pay up to $500! Now that is something not all providers offer their customers.

With WOW! customers get a wholesome entertainment experience when they bundle the WOW! cable TV with its Internet service – and that too at a better price! Its digital TV service is impeccable, featuring an On Demand library, one of the best channel lineups, and even the option to get a DVR with your bundle. What’s even better is that they don’t offer contracts that bind customers to any obligation. There’s really only a few providers in the country that have such a clause. We all know how troublesome contracts can become.